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The Future of Obamacare , April 11, 2013

According to the bill that was passed into law, Obamacare will kick into high gear next year.

Meanwhile, lawsuits abound; medical costs are skyrocketing; and turns out that a large chunk of those “uninsured” people didn’t want health care in the first place.

We go into more detail in this week’s show.


  1. Hello Gentlemen,

    Have been listening to your great show on progressive radio for a few years. Enjoy your combination of deep research and critical discussion. Maybe I missed a few shows on the way, but have you ever had Webster Tarpley on the show or discussed Randy Credico ? Secret progressive (ok maybe more an populist ex democrat than libertarian) in the New York mayoral race ? Not heard him mentioned yet on PRN.FM.

    All the best


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